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This clear, concise class explains the keys to creating a more outcomes-focused way of working.

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    Outcomes Over Output

    • Welcome to Outcomes Over Output

    • What is an outcome

    • Why should you care

    • User vs Customer vs Business Outcomes

    • Finding Outcomes, Part 1

    • Finding Outcomes, Part 2

    • Outcomes & Agility

    • Outcomes, Hypotheses, Discovery, Validation, & Strategy (Whew!)

    • Getting Started

    • Thank you!

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    Bonus Material

    • Download the eBook: Outcomes Over Output

Course Description

This fast-paced course clocks in at just under an hour, and is built around a series of short, clear video lessons. 

Josh Seiden covers the key ideas that you'll want to understand to help your team create powerful outcomes with your work.

This course is an expansion of the material Josh shares in his book, Outcomes Over Output, and serves as a great foundation for anyone looking to develop their skills with outcomes.

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Josh Seiden

Designer, author, coach, and consultant

Joshua Seiden

Josh Seiden is a designer, author and coach who works with teams to create great products and services and help companies create the culture, processes and practices to do great work. He helps teams solve real problems for customers and create value for businesses. He also works as a coach to help teams improve the way they work, build more effective collaborations, and enjoy the journey of product development. He's a co-founder of Sense & Respond Press, a micro-publisher that creates short, focused books on innovation, digital transformation, and product management. And he's the author of "Outcomes Over Output" (S&R Press) and the co-author of two books: "Sense & Respond" (from Harvard Business Publishing) and "Lean UX" (from O'Reilly).


  • How does this class work?

    This class is a video-only lecture class. It's made up of short, easy to follow lectures that you can watch at your own pace .

  • What's the price?

    US$249 for 1-year's access to all course materials.

  • Is there a live version of this class?

    Yes! There's also a hybrid Live Online version of this class that features live workshop sessions with Josh Seiden. The Live Online version of the class is available groups of 15 or more and includes follow-up coaching sessions with Josh. If you'd like to know more about the Live Online version of the class, email

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes. Get in touch if you're interested in pricing for 10 or more seats...

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