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In this course we cover the basics of OKRs, why we should use them, what good ones look like and how to start deploying them successfully.

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    Outcomes for Product Teams

    • Outcomes for Product Teams, Recording of Feb 2022 Live Master Class

Webinar outline

  • What is an Outcome?
  • Why do Outcomes help you be more agile?
  • Why should you use them for product development, product management, and product design? 
  • How do you define Outcomes and how do you know which Outcomes are important?
  • What do we do after we define our Outcomes?
  • How do we plan and manage a portfolio of Outcomes for our roadmap?
  • BONUS: How Outcomes are the key to writing great OKRs.

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Josh Seiden

Designer, author, coach, and consultant

Joshua Seiden

Josh Seiden is a designer, author and coach who works with teams to create great products and services and help companies create the culture, processes and practices to do great work. He helps teams solve real problems for customers and create value for businesses. He also works as a coach to help teams improve the way they work, build more effective collaborations, and enjoy the journey of product development. He's a co-founder of Sense & Respond Press, a micro-publisher that creates short, focused books on innovation, digital transformation, and product management. And he's the author of "Outcomes Over Output" (S&R Press) and the co-author of two books: "Sense & Respond" (from Harvard Business Publishing) and "Lean UX" (from O'Reilly).

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