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    Welcome to Objectives & Key Results

    • A message from your instructor Jeff Gothelf

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    Why we need to change from managing to output to managing to outcomes

    • Lesson 1: Software has changed the way we think about delivering value to our customers

    • Quiz: A new way of scaling business

    • Lesson 2: A world of continuous change requires new ways to measure success

    • Quiz: Changing what we measure

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    How to write a clear and powerful OKR statement

    • Lesson 3: How to write great Objectives I: Start with the problem

    • Quiz: Writing good objectives

    • Lesson 4: How to write great Objectives II: If you solve the problem…

    • Quiz: Writing good objectives part II

    • Lesson 5: How to write great Key Results I: Whose behavior should we change?

    • Quiz: Writing good key results

    • Lesson 6: How to write great Key Results II: What will they be doing differently?

    • Quiz: Writing good key results part II

    • Lesson 7: Putting the parts together

    • Quiz: Writing a complete OKR statement

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    Understanding how setting OKRs changes the way we plan our work, do the work and manage our teams

    • Lesson 8: The Mattress Store: Learning the difference between impact, outcome and output

    • Quiz: What's the difference between impact, outcome and output?

    • Lesson 9: OKRs for non-product teams

    • Quiz: Customers for non-prodcut teams

    • Lesson 10: OKR-based roadmaps

    • Quiz: Making OKR based roadmaps work

    • Lesson 11: Top 3 benefits of OKRs

    • Quiz: Benefits of OKRs

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    Identifying and overcoming common traps to successful OKR implementation

    • Lesson 12: Set OKRs in a bi-directional fashion

    • Quiz: Who should determine your OKRs?

    • Lesson 13: Output-centric key results break your OKRs

    • Quiz: How do outputs break OKRs?

    • Lesson 14: Product discovery and why it's key to OKR success

    • Quiz: What role does product discovery play in OKR success?

    • Lesson 15: For OKRs to succedd we must set the right incentives

    • Quiz: How must incentives change to support OKR implementation?

    • Lesson 16: Closing thoughts

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